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Members Area

Members Area | 202D | Zone 6 | Bell Block & Districts


               Since our club was formed in 1972, we have undertaken many projects to benefit our community and  support our youth and the elderly.

In the past we have:-

  • Built the bridges on the Mangati Walkway.
  • Built the bus shelters
  • Helped with the fitness trail at Hickford Park.
  • Built an Adventure playground at Bell Block school.
  • Started the Medical Alarm project
  • Built the Doctor's surgery and got the first doctor (Dr Lim) to come to Bell Block.
  • Built new picnic tables at Bell Block beach

We now also help the community in many ways:-

  •              We keep a hut at TOPEC maintained
  •              We have donated toys to the Neonatal ward
  •              Donated gifts to children at Christmas
  •              Host overseas students as part of our Youth Exchange

                          (Look at our Projects and Initiatives for more information)

We Also:-

  • Support Camp Quality - camp for youth and their families who suffer with Cancer.
  • Collect used spectacles to give to the visually impaired in the Pacific Islands.
  • Collect Kan Tabs to provide funds to assist families of our Diabetes Youth.
  • Youth Program - youth exchanges, speech competitions and camps
  • Help with disaster relief for earthquakes, floods and cyclones in New Zealand and overseas.


What do we do?

  • We enjoy ourselves.
  • We carry out 'hands-on' projects in our community
  • We raise funds for, and give assistance to, charitable projects
  • We assist the blind, the elderly and the youth.
  • We assist in times of emergency.
  • We visit other clubs, and have social outings
  • Lions are proud of the fact that 100% of funds raised in the community are returned to the community

What do we volunteer?

  • Our time, talents and enthusiasm.
  • We become involved on a committee to help organize the activities of our club.
  • We work on projects as much as our home and work commitments allow.


SO.... if you are able to give up a few hours and a few gold coins each month, please contact our President Margaret (Phone 06 769 9405)  to find out more.



Our 2015-16 Board                                



   In May 2012 , at our 40th Anniversary celebrations, we gave our 2 Charter Members, Roy Benton and Royce Dempster,Lions International Life Membership

Postal Address

P.O. Box 7064 Fitzroy New Plymouth

Meeting Times


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